About Extreme Sitting

The newest outdoor endurance sport, extreme sitting involves sitting from sunrise to sundown in a rugged, outdoor setting.  The sport is governed by the International Extreme  Sitting Association. In its competitive form, extreme sitters are judged on a degree-of-difficulty scale that weighs a combination of hours of daylight (length of sit) and the day’s temperature. Competitors must observe the following rules:

1) No cell phone. No tweeting. No connectivity at all.
2) Standing and stretching are allowed. So are breaks for bodily functions. But the participating athlete is to remain within a short distance of the chair at all times.
3) Breaks from the chair (excluding breaks to relieve oneself) should be limited to no more than three during a full-day. Though time pieces aren’t permitted for specific reference, breaks over the entirety of the day shouldn’t total more than what feels like 10 minutes.
4) No battery powered devices of any sort. This includes refrigeration. However, a chronicler can operate video or still cameras.
5) Energy snacking is acceptable. But no actual meals. Think fruit, energy bars, beef jerky, etc.
6) Water should be consumed as needed, but not other beverages.
7) Locations with lots of shadowing are to be avoided.
8) No reclining chairs. Chairbacks can be comfortable, but they must stay in a single fixed position.
9) Reading and journaling are allowed.
10) Time pieces of any sort aren’t allowed. Time can be estimated by the arc of the sun. This is the essence of extreme sitting.

Recreational extreme sitting (as opposed to competitive sitting) for meditative and self-renewal purposes is also valuable and is an excellent entry path into the sport. Recreational sits can and should be undertaken at any time of year, and even for partial days, if preferred. When possible, the above rules should still be adhered to. Being disconnected, in particular, is a must.